Ambrose Hotel

Going Green:
Ambrose Hotel Santa Monica

Nestled away in a breathtaking California neighborhood lies the Ambrose Hotel, a luxury lover’s dream come true. Known for its combination of serene surroundings and artistic details, the Ambrose is the ultimate relaxing hideaway. Its Asian-inspired accents and ultra-swanky atmosphere make it one of Santa Monica’s most unique getaway destinations.

The Ambrose is also Santa Monica’s only award-winning sustainable boutique hotel, which is one reason why “green” enthusiasts flock to this gorgeous oasis. Committed to protecting and preserving natural resources, the Ambrose Hotel is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment. They strive to provide a holistic experience, which encourages both its employees and guests to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Because the Ambrose is located just five minutes from the Pacific Ocean and the entertainment street, “Third Street Promenade,” you’ll find endless ways to experience California’s laid-back atmosphere. And, with its wide array of organic restaurants and local ingredients, you’ll find yourself “going green” in no time!

—Megan Rau



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